My social media personality

I hope to make my social media personality engaging, mildly amusing, to-the-point, and intelligent (sounding). I would hope this echoes my real personality — somewhat geeky, but a geeky that you can relate to.

I chose this personality not only because it reflects who I am, but also because I think people are overwhelmed with information these days. With all the content out there on the web, people are not looking to read long blogs that often don’t say very much. People want intelligent information that engages and resonates, without having to read reams of information.

This relates to the communications industry by conveying that professionally, I provide quality service without superfluous window dressing. I will get the job done, and done well.

I love Tom Chandler’s voice in The Copywriter Underground ( and while I have nowhere near the writing talent that he does, his is a personality that I can relate to.


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