Looking at Joe Fresh

Joe Fresh is a line of clothing designed by Joe Mimran and sold by Loblaws Canada. Since its introduction, the Joe Fresh brand has grown to be sold in about 300 stores across Canada, primarily in Loblaws’s Real Canadian Superstores, where the stylish and affordable clothing for children and adults can be purchased on the weekly grocery shopping outing.

Joe Fresh is gradually rolling out some stand-alone stores, such as a successful location in downtown Vancouver. The chain is now venturing into the formidable New York City market and has been in the news in recent months about this brave venture where other Canadian brands, like Tim Horton’s, have tried before them and failed. No doubt, the brand is utilizing communications strategically and the Canadian brand’s US adventure has received favorable press coverage.

What are people saying about Joe Fresh on Twitter? I looked at the free tracking tool Monitter to see. The process was easy to use and yeilded lots of results very quickly. Here are some of the recent Tweets with a sentiment rating below that I have assigned:

Loving Joe Fresh’s 2011 Runway Presentation. Hurry up Spring. I wanna wear pretty clothes


I don’t understand why we need 9 boxes of white tanktops at joe fresh….


#FF to a great brand that will be coming soon to the US! Love Joe Fresh!!!


Joe Fresh is opening at Heartland!! loves it!!


At Joe Fresh shopping!!! Someone please come get me, I can’t stop! :O lmfao


Ughhh… Why are the models in the Joe Fresh catalogue wearing socks and sandals? #notcute


@rosapark What did you buy? Joe Fresh is actually one of the things I miss most about Canada!


@rosapark Sweet! When I worked from home for a few months, I was addicted to Stephen&Chris – they showcased Joe Fresh clothes all the time!


That’s all the tweets I could see about Joe Fresh. The clothing line comes out with an overall rating of +4, so I would say that’s quite positive for the brand (although socks with sandals? Maybe that should be worth negative 2!).

While the tracking tool was easy to use, I couldn’t go back any further than what appeared on my screen. The last tweet was listed as 15:23, and I assume that was today. So if I wanted to see tweets any older than a few hours, I would need to find a different tool.

Another gripe I have with Monitter is that I had to sort through irrelevant tweets that merely had “joe” and “fresh” in them somewhere. And some of those tweets weren’t very savory, if you know what I mean!



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3 responses to “Looking at Joe Fresh

  1. Hey Victoria,
    Thanks for posting about Joe Fresh! I love the clothing line. So excited to hear they are opening stand alone locations. I always felt weird going to Superstore just to look at the new Joe clothes.

    I hear you about the ‘joe’ and ‘fresh’ hits that you got back on Monitter! My husband is very challenged as his store is called ‘The Hockey Shop’. They have a reallly difficult time trying to find relative content on any of the free tracking tools. They recently moved to a paid service (not sure who it’s through) and the company searches and presents the results to them. It was worth the investment!

    Take care,

  2. Hi Vicky,
    I agree with you about Monitter, it’s probably more useful if the company name that you’re looking for is unique, not two common names/words together. I’ve tried a few social media analyzing, and tracking tools but find that the best way to go (having done a few different tests with different phrases and company names) is to diversify as each has different strengths and attributes.

    On a side note, like that you wrote about Joe Fresh, I’ve been buying their clothes for years and always get compliments on the items I wear. (It’s great when my husband puts a mall ban on me too, to be able to go “grocery shopping” but pick up a cute pair of flats and a skirt with the yogurt and cereal.) Hope that their prices don’t rise too much now that the public is more aware of the name.

    Also, (LOL) sandles and socks not incredibly horrible on the right person, (it’s been huge in Asia for a while) but not a trend everyone should embrace.

    Enjoyed your post.

    • I have heard from other people that they like to buy Joe Fresh because they can hide their clothing purchases in the grocery bill! I bet it’s a big part of the company’s positioning.

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