Fluevog Facebook fan page

I’ve recently become interested in Facebook fan pages as they are used in conjunction with a social media marketing strategy. If you want to see an example of a very active company fan page, I’d direct your attention to John Fluevog Shoes. This is the kind of local company that would likely hire a communications specialist to help set up its social media. Perhaps it did, because its fan page looks well established and popular.

This very successful Vancouver shoe maker has an impressive 16,765 “people who like this,” and it seems these Fluevog fans really, really like these shoes. Some posts from today are:

I am crazy about saddle shoes – these are glorious!

I’d be happy to take those off your hands. No charge. Don’t thank me, I’m happy to help out.

Is there a shoe heaven somewhere?

The company posts pictures of new designs, a video of how their shoes are made, comments from customers, photos their customers have submitted of themselves wearing their Fluevogs, friends’ events listings, etc. One fan even uploaded a video of him having his Fluevogs shined.

What I like especially about this page is the amount of activity and frequency of the company’s posts. It is very active and, I’m sure, this reinforces customers’ loyalty to the brand. It shows the company as grassroots, funky and very responsive to its customers.

The page could be improved, however, by customizing its appearance to be more in-line with the company’s website. As well, one event promoted at the top of the page has already happened, showing that while the company does respond to posts, it should perhaps pay more attention to keeping the information it posts fresh.

I’ve never owned a pair of these famous shoes, but my interest is certainly piqued by the loyalty shown by Fluevog friends!


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