Blogging in the Corporate Communications Industry

Blogs can be an incredibly powerful tool in the corporate communications industry and are, indeed, a crucial one. How can one profess to be knowledgeable in social media without walking the walk and talking the talk? I put emphasis here on talk because, let’s face it, that’s what brought most communications professionals into this industry: they love to talk and write. Well here’s your chance! And you get more than 140 characters to do it.

Global public relations agency Edelman has a number of blogs on the go, with a few originating from their Vancouver office. This week’s post by Patti Schom-Moffatt, co-general manager of Edelman Vancouver, contains a thought-provoking discussion entitled, Can we be authentic and in PR? A number of comments by PR professionals provide an insightful conversation on the topic. This type of post not only provides a forum for this type of discussion, but gives clients and potential clients an idea of the agency’s philosophy and voice.

Recommendations for corporate communications bloggers:

  1. Maintain a human voice. Blogs are wonderful in that they allow for a writer’s voice to come through. In the corporate world where written text is often dominated by things like annual reports and marketing material, isn’t it refreshing to read something where you can virtually hear the writer speaking? Keep that human voice coming through.
  2. Keep it short. If it’s too long, people won’t read it.
  3. If the content ain’t valuable, it better be entertaining. But even better, make it both.

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One response to “Blogging in the Corporate Communications Industry

  1. These are such good recommendations Victoria! I love the part about having a human voice for the blog; I couldn’t agree with you more.

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